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In an era defined by polarization and political gridlock, it's not enough for our leaders to merely have innovative ideas; they must also have the means to implement them effectively. American Policy Ventures Action (APVA) is dedicated to promoting evidence-based, bipartisan policy in today’s hyperpartisan environment, in order to achieve legislative success. Established in 2023, APVA actively supports legislative and policy initiatives that facilitate cross-partisan collaboration to navigate and solve the pressing issues that will define America's future.

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Our approach at APVA involves advocating for and advancing promising policy initiatives that members of Congress can collaborate on across party lines. Bipartisan cooperation often leads to legislative progress, so we focus on empowering leaders and policymakers with the tools and support they need to overcome partisan barriers and implement solutions efficiently. Each of our endeavors is driven by a commitment to streamline processes, reduce bureaucratic resistance, and enhance the efficiency of governance. By doing so, we aim to secure a brighter, more prosperous future, ensuring our actions lead to substantial and sustainable impacts.

We help pragmatic lawmakers on both sides of the aisle advance good policy and get things done.

Advanced policies that 
benefit the public

Reduce polarization and 
bring Americans together

Support results-oriented

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